Tuesday, March 18, 2008

My Handsome Ring Bearer!

Brian's wedding was Saturday. By the time it came, Joshua's jetlag had caught up to him! He wouldn't say this of course (he blamed it on an earache) but he was exhausted and did not want to walk down the aisle. I convinced him otherwise, however, he absolutely refused the pictures afterwards. He did enjoy the cake at the reception. We attended an informal reception at the bride's parent's house and he thoroughly enjoyed the bounce house (and strangely enough that earache seemed all cleared up at this point)! I guess you never know how kids are going to do in weddings! A bit nerve racking!

Brian and Arien

A Photo I Captured Before The Wedding

Enjoying The Cake Afterwards

And The Bounce House


Elisa said...

Congratulations to Brian! Good work to Joshua overcoming jet lag to bring the rings down the aisle. Much better to have done his bit in the ceremony and refuse pictures after than vice versa! And what a great idea to have a bounce house at the reception. Very cool. :)

Brett said...

Tell Brian I said Congrats!!! Love the pics :)

Courtney Horvath said...

Joshua looks SO handsome and grown up in that first picture! I agree...how nerve-wracking! I am hoping we get through these early years without an invitation for ring bearer duties :-)
Glad you made it back safe!

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