Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Progress Continues On University Village!

We have been working nonstop the past few weeks trying to get some rooms at University Village ready to house some short-term teams and also so one of our staff couples could move in. It's been awesome to see change take place! As I've worked out there painting and cleaning and painting and cleaning some more, I get excited knowing that soon the place will be filled with students getting discipled and trained in construction skills, computers, hospitality, and so on.

I've also had the privilege of decorating the rooms. I love finding good, cool stuff on a cheap budget! I decided to go with the animal/earth tone theme since we are so close to Kruger Park. It's turned out nicely. I so enjoy making a place feel like a home and practicing hospitality. My goal is always, when someone walks into a house or a room, they would sense a warm, cozy, peaceful feeling. We still have lots more work and decorating to do but I think we're off to a good start. TJ, one of our staff member's teenage son, walked into the house the other day and said, "This place looks like a hotel!" Thanks, TJ!

Our Hospitality Rooms

Some Other Parts Of The House


blissful_e said...

I'm with TJ - you did a great job decorating!

The bedrooms especially look like pleasant oases (I had to look up the plural of oasis) filled with love and peace. I'd say you definitely achieved your goal.

A family said...

I love reading your blog and checking in on you guys...and thanks for the recipes too...you are a fantastic cook, i'm going to try the potato pizza soon! take care and we'll be in touch.

sunheedayy said...

the rooms DID look amazing. Alicia and I fell in love with the blankets and comforters in our room. I had no idea it was you who decorated it :)

I miss SA SO MUCH!

wishing you & your family the best,
joanne chung

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