Monday, April 28, 2008

Isabelle Hope

April 21st we welcomed the newest member into our clan. Isabelle Hope was born to Michael and Lindsey Kaufman at 10:58 AM weighing 7 lb.s and measuring 21 in. She is a beautiful little girl!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Saturday With The Kids!

Last Saturday we went to a community close by to hang out with the kids. It's a community that we are building relationship in and where there is a lot of need. We had a great day doing art projects with the kids (they loved cutting pictures out of magazines and glueing them on paper!), playing ball, and eating lunch together. We also did a little service with them where our DTS performed some of the dramas and songs they have been learning. Not only was it fun ministering to the kids but it was also great having our whole staff go together. Please pray for the kids in this community of Ebonsweni.

Emma Grace doing her art project.

Joshua trying to cool off. It was HOT!!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

I Love It When They Play Together!

Lately the kids have been playing so well together. I don't if it's because Joshua just went back to school after being out for almost a month but it sure has been nice to see them getting along. They've been taking swimming lessons together (Joshua just got in a couple of weeks ago) and they really love doing it together. This picture was taken on Sunday during a downpour! They wanted to play with play dough which we usually do outside because it gets EVERYWHERE. I compromised and let them play on the kitchen floor. They made some pretty cool creations.

Love Feast!

Our first annual Love Feast went great! Our heart was, as staff, to bless the DTS students so we cooked a nice meal (steak, potatoes, broccoli casserole, homemade crescent rolls, and malva pudding for dessert!) and served it to the students. We decorated the backyard with candles and tiki torches, and wrote them words of encouragement. Following the dinner we had a talent show. Lovely Kelly MC'ed the event.
Everyone participated with their differing talents from telling their most embarassing moment to playing original songs to doing acrobatic stunts! Jeremy played two of his songs he wrote for the kids. And Jen (along with 2 other chickadees) led everyone in the Chicken Dance!

A Visit From The Wimpy Acrobats!

DTS Girls Singing, "In The Jungle..."

Kelly, Heidi, & Kathryn Singing A Diddy From Newsies...

Everyone hanging out afterward while Benjamin (one of our staff) played a little guitar.

Our DTS Staff and Students

Monday, April 14, 2008

Our New Niece!

April 4th our second niece was born! In the midst of celebrating Joshua's birthday our niece, Zoe, came into the world! She was born at 12:45 PM in Amarillo, TX. We are thrilled to be an aunt and uncle again. Congratulations to Zach, Anneke, and Arielle!

Joshua Turns 6!

April 3 Joshua turned 6! We took him out for a family dinner and a movie, "Horton Hears A Who!" But the real party was on the 4th. We had an awesome party with a Spongebob cake! He had a great time playing with all his friends and opening all his presents. Thanks everyone!

The Cake - Yes, I made it myself!

Schalk and Herman cooking the meat on the braai.

Emma Grace chatting it up! And posing...

Joshua having a blast with his friends.

Blowing out the candles. He chose the eye piece to eat.

Opening presents...

Poor things...maybe they'll also get a Spongebob cake for their birthday.

Joshua got lots of fun things for his birthday but I think the best was getting a new cousin...

Hillsview Craft and Sports Day

March 27th we helped with a craft and sports day in an area called Hillsview. The kids have had a 3 week school break over Easter holidays so we took advantage of the time off to do some fun activities! We were hosting a group of 5 Korean ladies. One of them brought several rubber stamps so the kids were able to make cards and fun pictures.
We also had play dough and Jenga stations. We tried our hand at Cricket, tossed around a football, and kicked the soccer ball. It was lots of fun to love on the kids!

Emma Grace was happy to walk around looking for anyone she could talk to and anyone who might give her some attention!

Some of the kids who attended.

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