Wednesday, November 18, 2009


april 3, 2002
april 3, 2002

first haircut
1st haircut

joshua's first christmas (we were in S. Africa)
christmas in africa


september 29, 2004
sept 29, 2009

joshua's 1st birthday
Joshua's 1st birthday

the forum class of 2003
Forum class

first airplane ride
joshua's 1st flight

first foods
Eating cereal Feb 28, 2005

our crazy move to connecticut
Ryder truck

Man, time flies! Just a simple reminder to savor every moment...


The Herd said...

You are really good at taking the "firsts" pictures!!! It was fun to see them!!

Lindsey Kaufman said...

cool post! i admit, michael and I weren't smiling quite as much on Isabelle's first plane ride!

LibbyLibbyLibbyLibbyLibby said...

Beautiful 'firsts' ! Emma Grace sometimes looks like a Precious Moments doll. :)

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