Monday, December 28, 2009

This Christmas...

...I learned that I have to try and find better hiding places for Christmas gifts to keep those little snoopers from finding their treasures!

anxiously waiting

...I loved watching my kids wear their hand knits.  They won't always think those are cool so I have to treasure it while I can!

walking away

all those hand knits

...I found so much joy in watching the kids open gifts that they really, really a $9 princess sleeping bag!

...I didn't realize Star Wars paraphernalia came in so many shapes and sizes!

light saber!

...Seeing Emma Grace treasure her gift from her brother and call it her best gift melted my heart.

...I realized that my little girl is excellent with pampering.  Painted toenails, makeup, body lotion...what a treat!

rubbing lotion

...I decided Joshua can hold his own playing Phase 10 with the adults.

phase 10

...We actually had a white Christmas!

white christmas

Hope your Christmas was filled with as many wonderful moments as we had!


My Love is..... said...

great post. thanx for sharing.

LibbyLibbyLibbyLibbyLibby said...

Can you even believe we had a white Christmas!!!! Wasn't that just amazing! :) Love Joshua's shirt, God's Misfits... I want one! :)
As always, great captured moments!

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