Wednesday, September 30, 2009

A Butterfly, Princess Birthday

birthday girls

Since Arielle's and Emma Grace's birthdays are so close, Anneke and I decided to do a joint party this past Saturday. I'm so glad we did! We each added our own touches and it was absolutely beautiful! I'm almost thinking we should start a birthday catering business. I love it so much!

birthday party

Anneke decorated the cake. She made butterflies out of egg whites, powdered sugar, and food coloring.

birthday cake

She also cut butterflies from felt and hung them from some tulle that we hung between the trees.


I knit scrappy purses for all the girls and stuffed them with sassy frass hair bands as well as goodies my mom sent me from the states! I think the girls liked them! I sewed a piece of material on the inside so I could personalize them with their names.


scrappy purse

The birthday fun consisted of...

The girls (and boys) making beaded necklaces...with some help from bigger hands!

making necklaces

Blowing out candles after the Happy Birthday song.

blowing out candles

Opening gifts.

opening gifts

And then cooling off poolside.

arielle swimming

Other shots...
Mommies and their daughters.

anneke and girls

mommy and daughter

Siblings enjoying the party.

boys swimming


Grandma and Grandpa, Emma Grace says THANK YOU for the princess stuff!


When it got too hot, she made a quick wardrobe change to the dress Anneke made her, but of course kept the crown. She is a princess, after all.

beautiful dress

It was a perfect day with 2 sweet little girls, their friends,
our friends and great fun.
Birthday hand knits to be revealed soon!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

A Baby Story


Five years ago today a beautiful girl made her entrance into this world. But it wasn't just any entrance. No, this princess needed it to be grand. Grand enough to say, "I'm here everybody!" So her mommy labored through the night and by morning, it was decided to call the midwife.

happy parents

Not thinking the mommy sounded far enough along, the midwife sent her to the clinic to be checked before going to the hospital. Upon arrival, the mommy only remembers a blur of activity. "You're fully dilated. This baby is coming now." "Anything to break the water?" "Here's a long pair of scissors." "PUSH!" And there you have it. Ten minutes after arriving at the clinic, Emma Grace Price was born. The first baby born at that clinic in Cheshire, CT.

happy daddy

But the story doesn't stop there. You see, 33 years ago today, a baby boy also made his entrance into this world. Not just any boy. A boy who would later grow up to be this princess' daddy.

A very happy birthday to my beautiful daughter
and my wonderful husband today!

Monday, September 28, 2009

Tour Guide Destination :: The Waterfront

on the bridge

Next stop on the tour is the Waterfront! I really love this place because there's so much to do. A huge mall with lots of shops, movie theaters, restaurants, and an indoor craft market. Venture outside and you will be within walking distance to the Robben Island tour and The Two Oceans Aquarium. If you prefer a leisurely look around, you will find...



dancing on the dock



Lots and lots of boats!

checking out the boats

the spirit of victoria

The distance to almost any major city in the world.


Shops where you can buy a life size beaded buffalo!

checking out the buffalo

Families having a good time.

family shot

checking out the seal


Beautiful sunsets on the water.

sunset on the waterfront

Not to mention fabulous restaurants in any flavor your palate is in the mood for, haagan daz ice cream, and live music. And if all that activity makes you weary, you can sit on the benches, enjoying the refreshing breeze off the ocean and the sounds of birds flying overhead.


PS: Giveaway ends today. Don't forget to enter!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Cheesy, Potato Bake

cheesy potato bake

I made a cheesy potato bake for a potluck this week. Yum! I've never really made one before so I was surprised at how easy it was! I made it ahead of time and stuck it in the oven when I needed to! Here's how I did it...

Slice 4 potatoes (thinly), about 5 mushrooms, and as much broccoli as you like!
Mix all together and throw into a 9X13 pan.

Grate 2 handfuls of cheese. Melt 2 tablespoons butter in a saucepan. Add 2 tablespoons flour. Whisk. Add 2 cups of milk and 1/2 teaspoon of salt and whisk until smooth. Cook on low until it thickens. Add cheese and cook until melted. Pour over potatoes.

Bake in a 350F oven for about 1 1/2 - 2 hrs. or until bubbly and potatoes are soft. Season with extra salt and pepper if needed.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

I'm A Sucker For...

FLOWERS! Not just any flower, though, beautiful ones! Although, what flowers aren't beautiful? As my kids are learning swimming strokes, I get to sit in a beautiful garden surrounded by vivid outbursts of color. I took some time the other day to capture the beauty. I also caught some fresh rain and other critters who were enjoying it just as much as me! Hope this brightens your day!

drops of rain


buzzing bee

a bee and a drop

dew drops




opening up



dew drops

Friday, September 25, 2009

Treasure Bags

treasure bag

Made a couple of these this past week. This is a great, easy pattern for a treasure hunt or just a bag for the kids to keep their treasures and loot in!

it's a treasure!

US size #8 16 in. circulars
US size #8 dpn’s
Color A: Frilly, feathery yarn
Color B: medium, worsted weight yarn

With Color A, CO 72 sts.
Join for working in the round. PM.
Row 1: Knit
Row 2: Join Color B and purl
Row 3: Knit
Row 4: Purl
Row 5: Knit
Row 6: Purl
Row 7: *k7, yo, k2tog*
Knit every row until piece measures 7 in. from the beg.

Decrease Rnds
Row 1: *k7, k2tog*
Row 2: Knit
Row 3: *k6, k2tog*
Row 4: Knit
Row 5: *k5, k2tog*
Row 6: Knit
Row 7: *k4, k2tog*
Row 8: Knit
Row 9: *k3, k2tog*
Row 10: Knit
Row 11: *k2, k2tog*
Row 12: Knit
Row 13: *k1, k2tog*
Row 14: Knit
Row 15: *k2tog*

Break yarn. Weave through remaining 10 sts. Weave in ends.

With Color A and Color B held together, CO 100 sts. on circular needles. Bind off. Weave in ends. Make two of these. Thread ties through holes. Pull to close.

This pattern is available for personal use only. Please do not profit off this pattern.
Pattern and photographs are the property of Jennifer Price.

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