Friday, February 19, 2010

We Teach Each Other Patience

I took these photos of Emma Grace about 3 weeks ago when we were visiting friends in South Texas.  Unfortunately I couldn't get my white balance setting right and they turned out a little yellow.  Let's just say it was meant to be antique, shall we?  Yes, we shall.  I look at these pictures and I'm reminded once again that we teach each other patience.  Oh, yes, in the best ways.  But in the midst of her learning patience, I get these great facial expressions that range from slight smile to utter boredom!  :)

not having fun

slight smile

turn this way?

looking for something

bored in the grass

Absolutely love it!


blissful_e said...

Fantastic!!! Emma Grace is just so lovely - even when she can hardly hold her head off the ground. :)

Brittany Deniston said...

love these!

Courtney said...

Third one is my fave!

Cindi said...

I get the feeling you love photographing your kiddos as much as I do ;)

Dre said...

awwwww! I love love love all her little different expressions! :) The honesty of a little child. :)


LibbyLibbyLibbyLibbyLibby said...

Oh I love it!!!! Love the last photo, precious!!!

marry said...

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