Saturday, March 27, 2010

Fashion Designer In The Making

On one of our spring break shopping trips, I was sitting at the front waiting for the checkout to finish when I looked over and saw Emma G among the mannequins.  She posed for me very still like a mannequin when I asked her to, but the best part was when I looked over when she wasn't looking.  She was acting like she was fixing their hair, accessorizing with headbands, and giving them a pep talk.  I swear she is going to go into the fashion industry some day!

among the mannequins



Pilar said...


TAMI said...

Isn't Old Navy doing a "Be in one of our commercials" sweepstakes? Sign that girl up!!

junglewife said...

Those pictures are too cute!

Oh, and I love the header picture!!!

blissful_e said...

I've read and am reading a biography from the fashion industry - interesting stuff, and some of it quite different than I would have imagined.

LOVE it that Emma Grace gave those mannequins a pep talk. I'm sure they appreciated the encouragement during a long work day!

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