Thursday, July 22, 2010

My Newest Little Toy

I've had this little gem in my Amazon wish list for about 5 months now.  I would LOVE to have a macro lens for my camera, but those are a little out of my price range right now.  Instead I thought I would try out some macro lens sets.  I really couldn't go wrong.  I saved up my Swagbuck's to cash in for Amazon gift cards and ended up only paying less than $5 out of pocket. 

ant hill
ant hill


spider web

They came in a nice little case and fit my D40 perfectly, no adapter needed.  For the price I'm quite happy with these.  They take some getting used to, because they work like a magnifying glass really.  You kind of have to play around with the focus some and I found that it was a bit easier to shoot in manual focus (although the bright sunlight was a bit blinding so some were not quite in focus).  If you're looking into buying some lens filters, I would just recommend checking your lens diameter first.  All mine were 52 mm so these fit all of them!

tree bark
tree bark

yello marigold

my flowering basil before I snipped them

Anyway, I had fun playing around with my new toy when it conveniently came in the mail just a few days before we left for vacation.  I have some knitting books and a recipe book in my wish list that I've been saving up for, but I went with these for now.  I thought they would be fun to have on our trip!

bottle cap
emma g asked why on earth I took a picture of a bottle cap!


blissful_e said...

Ha! The bottlecap photo was my favourite. Glad you're enjoying your new toy! :)

MaryAnne said...

Very cool! Have you tried putting them over a regular zoom lens? I'd love to try something like this out with my new Canon DSLR!

Damaris said...

make me feel silly for spending so much money on my macro lens. I totally should of just gotten this.

Aunt Spicy said...

Oh gosh...those photos make me want to get a proper camera!

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