Saturday, November 20, 2010

Her Favorite Place In {Insert Town Name Here}

Back in September, Emma G's art teacher picked her to participate in the National Community Planning Art Contest!  She is definitely our little artist, so I was excited to see her be a part of this creative outlet.  When they asked her to draw her favorite place in {insert town name here}, I wonder if they were surprised that she drew her house!  I'm happy that she calls home her favorite place, but somehow I'm thinking that's not quite what they had in mind!  :)  Whatever the case, we now have her artwork proudly displayed in our home with a certificate of appreciation for the great job she did!  So proud of my baby!

eg's art


MaryAnne said...

Very beautiful artwork =)

blissful_e said...

How special that of all the places she could have chosen, she chose her home. :)

Aunt Spicy said...

you totally need to turn that into a quilt!!!!!

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