Friday, April 30, 2010

Capris...Bandanna Style

sweet love

I just finished these capris for the kids made out of bandannas!  I got the idea here from Martha Stewart's site although I didn't follow the directions.  My excitement of sewing something without a pattern far outweighs the imperfections!  And my sweet kids are always so happy to get anything I make them.  I love that!  It's fuel to keep me making more.

monkeying around

These were so incredibly easy.  Each pair is made out of two bandannas (in these parts I think the cheapest place to buy bandannas is Hobby Lobby...only $1 each and lots of colors to choose from).  I chose to do elastic waists...easier for the kids and more comfortable.  I didn't have to do any finishing on the bottom legs of Joshua's, but for Emma Grace I chose to add a little lace.  You know, girls need lace.

lace at the bottom

The thing I love most about these is the versatility.  They can be worn for play, lounging around the house, or bedtime pajamas!


Martha has some more ideas on her site for clothing made out of bandannas.  They're already on my sewing list!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

The Bluebonnets


I've been talking about getting bluebonnet pictures for a couple of weeks now.  Well, it was time to put that action to those words!  I just knew if I didn't they would be gone.  So Monday I decided we were going to do it!  Too bad I picked a cloudy, windy day!  It didn't start out that way.  I must have been oblivious to the weather change.  But at least I got my bluebonnet pictures!  And any non-Texans might be wondering what's so special about bluebonnets...they're the Texas state flower!

Pictures together...


holding her

looking at something






I didn't pick out clothes for them to wear and make them dress all cute (although it was tempting) but I do believe there's some I would like to frame.  And after the picture fun, the kids found a hill to slide down.  It looked a little steep in this mommy's eyes, but they had a blast sliding and climbing back up!



Deep from the heart of Texas, have a great Thursday y'all!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

My Name Is Jen...


...and I have a problem being on time.  That's my confession and hopefully my road to recovery!  Seriously, though, it is something I'm trying to work on in this season.  That might sound like an oxymoron since this is season dedicated to be refreshed, where schedules and plans aren't so much in existence, but let me explain.  The biggest reason I am usually late is because there's always one more thing to do.  See why I need to work on that?  I'm trying to learn to be and not do all the time.  It's hard for a busybody like me.  But I am determined.  And it will greatly bless my husband.  Being aware is a start, right?

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Price Tour Of Homes...Living Room Corners

from the hallway

I believe we left off our tour with Kid's Corners.  Continuing up the hallway, we come to the living room where some fun, special corners exist. 

The hutch that Jeremy built many years ago...

The picture wall of my babes (still picking out some photos for some of those frames!)...
picture wall

The plant stand that we found on the side of the road (just like Connecticut!)...
plant stand

Just like the rest of the house, the living room was furnished by the generosity of others.  I would have never chosen white couches, but that combined with the four windows makes for a very bright and cheery room, and I love it!  And my picture wall just makes me happy.  It's the only things I've hung on the walls, and it just makes the room feel homey and cozy.

from the front door

We have one more little room on the last stop of the tour...where a lot of action happens!

Monday, April 26, 2010


Hope you all had a lovely weekend.  Ours was full of beautiful weather, 

a mini petting zoo with colored chicks
at the petting zoo

where the kids thoroughly enjoyed feeding the animals, 
feeding the rabbit

a bunny

feeding the goats

a little pampering,
some pampering

and some cool face painting!
a butterfly

a clown

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Cauliflower Mash

chicken sausage and cauliflower mashed potatoes

We've had a little South Beach action going on around here.  It's necessary when you come to the states and pack on a few pounds. :)  I've really enjoyed the meal plans and recipes presented in the book.  I feel like we eat pretty healthy but my weakness is carbs!  I love them!  Especially hot, homemade bread.  After two weeks of no carbs or sugar, I'm slowly working some carbs back in.  Not many, though.  It's all in moderation. 

One of the alternatives I've really enjoyed is cauliflower mash.  I actually don't cook cauliflower much but these are great!  Just steam cauliflower.  When it is soft, blend it in a blender or food processor with a small amount of butter, a small amount of fat free half and half, and salt and pepper to taste.  I can't say that my family loves these as much as me, but at least they eat all that is put on their plate.  It's just another way to get more fiber and vitamin C that are found in these white trees!  And did you know that cauliflower has an anti-cancer compound that is released when it is chopped or chewed?  Interesting...

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Question :: What Do You Do When... catch your son at midnight with his flashlight on reading his Bible?

by flashlight

reading the Bible
this wasn't taken on said night, but it also wasn't staged...he just likes to sleep in his clothes. :)

Answer :: You smile, gently tell him to turn it off, and kiss him goodnight again.

Friday, April 23, 2010

A Little Bit Of Sewing

I've felt a little giddy lately as I've started using the sewing machine I'm borrowing while we're here in the states.  Just like knitting, I love, love, love being able to make things with my hands.  And when my kids love what these hands have made...well, that's a double bonus!



My favorite projects of the week are these little Oliver + S lazy days skirts.  They were incredible easy, fun to make, and like to be worn by 5 year old girls!  (Not responsible for the shirts or shoes picked to wear with these little skirts!)

the skirt


Even Angelina got a matching skirt to wear!  I am pretty sure these girls love their new addition to their wardrobe.  They have worn them everyday, even to bed!

with angelina

I also completed the request of my daughter.  Her babies had a little bed to sleep in but it was just too hard for them!  Now we can't have that, can we?  So I made a pillow for the bottom and a pillow to lay their head on.  All cozy with a blanket to cover up with!

for the baby doll

Have a wonderful weekend!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Happy Earth Day!

Today marks the 40th anniversary of Earth Day!  The kids and I spent a little time yesterday digging into the EARTH.  It just feels good, you know?  Being outside in the sun, planting fruits, vegetables, and herbs to enjoy when the time is right, putting some color around us (I sure miss S. Africa's beautiful flowers that are all around!), working together and having fun at the same time.


Jeremy was not able to be present to help us, so Joshua sure took on the role of digging.  He looks so big with his shirt off!  Emma G's job was to put the plants in the holes and then help me fill it with compost.  She also insisted on putting the info card beside each plant.

tomato tags

The kids loved seeing the critters we encountered...especially the EARTH worms!  I think Emma Grace wanted to keep them as pets.

pot of petunias

At the end of the afternoon, when we all had that great EARTHy scent, we admired our work.  Even Joshua commented that it looked good! 

a garden

Hope you have a great day and get to dig around in the EARTH a little bit!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Meniere's Disease...What Is That?!

I didn't know what it was until I was diagnosed with it about 5 years ago.  I decided to write a post about it only because it's not something you hear about a lot and if you have it but don't know it, the symptoms can be scary and debilitating.

About 5 years ago, I started experiencing nausea, pressure in my ears, and dizziness often enough to make me wonder what was going on.  I thought for sure I had a tumor or something.  I finally mustered up the courage to go to a doctor to hear what I thought for sure was the problem.  I was quite surprised when he came back with Meniere's Disease.  I had never heard of it so he got out his big medical book and tried to explain it to me through pictures.  I was disappointed to find out that there was really nothing that could be done to help it.

counting sheep didn't even help me go to sleep!
photo found here

So I lived with the symptoms, noticing that I really only had flare ups when I flew and when it was that time of the month.  Sometimes months even went by with no symptoms.  That is until a few months ago.  It seemed I had flare ups more often than not.  The pressure was so great in my ears that I couldn't sleep at night.  I thought I was going to go crazy, so I started researching on the internet thinking there had to be something that could help me.

clear eye and sharp ear tcm formula

I came across something and asked Jeremy if it would be weird if I ordered some Chinese herbs off the internet.  I found some hope and was determined to try it.  I've been taking Tao of Herbs Clear Eye And Sharp Ear TCM Formula tablets 3 times a day.  I can't believe the difference!  I seldom have flare ups and if I do, it is very minimal.  I am more relaxed and less grumpy!

Some interesting facts about Meniere's Disease...
  • There is currently no cure for it and while it is not life threatening, the symptoms are progressive.
  • About 615,000 people in the US suffer from it.
  • It usually affects men and women starting in their 40's or 50's (not people my age!).
Click here to read more.

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