Wednesday, February 23, 2011

joy of love time

It was fun to put the timer on the camera and get BOTH Jeremy and I in some shots this past week.  We don't take enough pictures of the two of us together and I certainly don't take enough pictures of myself.  My kids will want pics of us someday!

kiss : sweet, intimate hands and lips
kiss : sweet daddy/daughter moment

together : lovers
together : lovers

staying in : our staying in treat consists of watching a movie or tv show in bed (while i knit) accompanied by dark chocolate and hot tea!
staying in : watching something

going out : coffee date (while the kids are in school, the adults will play)
going out : coffee date

when they're gone : quiet
in the rare moments that everyone is out of the house but me, it's so quiet, you can hear a pin drop
whey they're away : quiet

when they're home : i love the evidence of my two tornadoes barreling through the door!
when they're home : a good tornado

hands : she loves bringing me wildflowers
hands : bringing me flowers

portrait : my smoking hot redhead
portrait : my smoking hot husband

Any of you participating in the Joy of Love e-course?  It's rolling admission if you're interested!


Brittany Deniston said...

beautiful photos!

blissful_e said...

It's great to capture those real life moments!

Courtney said...

I love the one of you and Jeremy on the couch. Sweet!

MaryAnne said...

Beautiful photos. I also especially like the one of the two of you on the couch.

Val said...

Fantastic pictures!! The everyday moments always become my favorite memories:)

The Herd said...


koralee said...

Such beautiful images today....and oh yes doesn't dark chocolate make everything better! xoxoxo Thank you for visiting me

Heather said...

I personally love the daddy/daughter kiss. Sweet!

I am loving the e-course, but am frustrated at the same time. She gives great ideas for photos but not much instruction - at least not as much as I had hoped. Maybe I'm just too much of a beginner. Although, I have learned more than ever before so maybe it's a good thing - not too much at once. Hope to catch up one day!

Thanks for sharing!

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