Wednesday, June 15, 2011

more vacay pics

To make our fun time in San Antonio linger just a little longer, I'm doing one more post on vacation pictures! 


silly a with glasses

z & j at mi tierra

This includes a conglomeration of random restaurant pictures to entertain the kids while waiting for food or the bill, checking out the market, riverboat tour fun, and the "let's try to take a pic with all the grandkids and the grandparents." 

at the market in sa

on the riverboat

gparents & gkids

Making family memories are what it's all about, right?  I think 12 people crossing cross walks together with 4 of those in strollers is the image that will reign as my San Antonio 2011 memory!


Five of US said...

Oh, how I love San Antonio!

Ana Degenaar said...

I really needed this! Thank you

MaryAnne said...

Wonderful photos! I especially love the shots of Josh with his little cousin - so sweet!

Robin Norgren said...

The family picture just holds SO MUCH LOVE in it. lovely!

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