Saturday, April 30, 2011



dream a little dream
cast aside fear
plant a seed
 watch it grow

Friday, April 29, 2011

a preview from the studio

I have lots of fun planned for I Believe In Love starting on Monday.  It's definitely something you're not going to want to miss.  The only hints I can give you are that I will be highlighting some of my passions and hobbies as well as charities that are dear to my heart.  Here's a few photos that might peak your curiosity.

artful blogging


yarn and needles

looking through cd

handful of coffee beans

Curious?  Tune in Monday to see what all the celebration is about!  Happy Friday!

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Thursday, April 28, 2011

reflecting on india

trash heap

I can't believe that today marks 4 weeks since I've been back from India.  I feel like I've exhausted my words in describing my experience, and I've been left with a deep sense of gratefulness.  I almost feel as though "thank you" isn't enough to say to God for giving me this opportunity, but that's what I keep saying over and over...thank you, thank you, thank you.

on the streets

I went to India to tell a story through photography, but coming back I've gotten a clearer picture of just what that story needs to be about.  It's about the pain and devastation that is going on in the world.  It's about the things that break the heart of God.  BUT it's also about the hope.  It's about the people that are making a difference.  It's about what God is doing in the world.  Both stories must be told, and I don't believe you can have one without the other.


You know, I first went to India almost 13 years ago.  It was a tough trip after which I vowed I would never go back.  Those are strong words, but after a month there and another month of dealing with the parasite I brought home, I didn't see the need to subject myself to that again.  Yes, there was selfishness in that, but there are plenty of other places in the world, right?  I find it ironic that India was the first place God sent me to fulfill this dream of mine.  My heart was softened as I saw the stories unfold right before my eyes.  India, I would come back any day!  Hope, I tell you, hope...

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

museum and earth day activities

We've never celebrated Earth Day before.  I try to do my part regularly by recycling, using my own grocery bags, and various other things, but we've never done anything on the actual day.  Saturday, not only did the Dallas Museum of Art have a free day of art activities for the kids, but right outside the door was a load of fun waiting to be had for Earth Day Dallas.  Rows of tents offering drawings, free items, local foods for purchase, and info on being green were enough to lure us outside into the hot, muggy air.  We all had a great time!

chair scupture

paper flower sculpture

grabbing art supplies


walking in water


Did you celebrate Earth Day, and if so, how?

PS: The giveaway winner is Diana!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

the bluebonnets

I kept waiting for the perfect setting to take bluebonnet pictures this year (side note...the bluebonnet is the Texas state flower).  Apparently, a lush hill of bluebonnets, no rain, blue skies, and no wind was a bit too much to ask for.  I had to put my wish list aside so as not to miss the small window of the year where these flowers bloom.  Amidst the squinting eyes and crazy long hair blowing in the wind, these are my favorites (thank goodness for Photoshop to fix those blown out skies).  Warning, there may or may not be a ladybug reproduction lesson that could follow one of these photos!  :)


bluebonnets & ladybugs

laying in the bluebonnets

smelling flowers

posing for mama

silly eyes

in the grass

picking flowers

being silly

blowing in the wind

holding hands

Monday, April 25, 2011

easter photos

We had a wonderful Easter Sunday with great food and fun times!  Hope you all also had a lovely Easter.  Some Easter photos to start off this Monday...

easter nest
easter nests from joy of baking

found eggs


on the hunt

eating candy

found an egg


belly flop

We ended Easter with fully bellies, tired bodies, and lots of candy filled eggs.  None of that pales in comparison to the true reason we celebrate Easter.  I'm so thankful for Jesus' death on the cross and resurrection from the dead so that we may have life!  Watch this powerful video from Jeremy Cowart on The Portrait of Christ.  It is amazing!

Note: While the rains have brought on lots of green, green grass, the dull skies have made for some not so great photos.  I used this tutorial to do a little sky manipulation in Photoshop.

Friday, April 22, 2011

from the knitting studio

I worked on a knitting project this week!  It felt so good.  After probably 6 weeks of not knitting, my hands enjoyed the soothing back and forth of needles and yarn, not to mention the satisfaction of completing something.



I made the kids these mini reversible ducks and bunnies from Susan B. Anderson.  I've said it before but I just love her reversibles in Itty Bitty Toys.  The beautiful thing about the minis is that they're just as cute and you can whip them up very quickly!  Joshua saw the duck before I attached the bunny and he remarked on how cute they were.  As long as my 9 year old thinks things like this are cute, I will keep making them for him!

duck & bunny 

Have a wonderful Easter everyone!  I'm taking the weekend off to reflect on the reason why we celebrate Easter as well as spend time with family.

Don't forget to enter my India giveaway and check out my Easter posts on Today's Mama...Make Your Own Easter Candy, Easter Crafting, and Recipes For The Easter Menu.  See you Monday!

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Thursday, April 21, 2011

a paradigm shift on racism

Living in South Africa, I've always tried to switch races in my try and catch a glimpse of what life must be like for those of a darker skin.  It's really hard to do.  I watched this video last week, and it totally helped me to "see" that paradigm shift.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011


When a friend from my photography class asked if I wanted to join her in a little spring flower photography fun my response was, "Of course!"  We went to the park where we had Joshua's birthday party.  A little wildflower section with bees flitting about was perfect!  These are my favs!

With a bright, colorful effect...

bee and pink flower

purple flower

flower center up close

With a hazy, muted effect...

orange flower

flower and bug

Speaking of spring, don't forget to enter my India giveaway where you can win a scarf perfect for springlike weather!

*All of these photos were edited in Photoshop CS5 using Pioneer Woman's Fresh and Colorful action and The Coffee Shop Blog's Johnna's Tea Party action.

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