Friday, September 30, 2011

get out there and shoot

Week before last I tagged along with my photographer friend, Justin.  Check out his stuff, because it's amazing.  He was going to photograph a paleontologist for an upcoming issue of Texas Monthly and, because I've talked about learning more about using lights, he invited me to come.  That same day I went up to the church to hang my Family Dynamics photos.  I came home from all that bubbling over with excitement, and I realized something.  I realized that I need more creative outlets for my photography.  The ratio between sitting behind my computer and getting out there for the pure sake of taking photos is a little off balance.


pink door

With nothing but a camera in tow, it allows me some creative freedom, and that is very life giving.  My goal right now is to get out once a week for some period of time (it doesn't have to be long) just to take photos.  Last week's photo session was only 20 minutes on account of rain, but it still felt good to be out there.  Along with these photos, here's some more from my photo day out.  I don't feel that they're amazing, but that wasn't really the point.  The point was to have fun and just shoot, so goal accomplished!

reminds me of fall

old railroad


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Thursday, September 29, 2011

dopple ganger chronicles {giveaway}

Joshua just finished the third book in the Dopple Ganger Chronicles, The Great Mogul Diamond.  When I asked him to tell me about the book, he dove into a 30 minute overview of the book.  The boy retains so much!  In order to spare you all those details and have to flag this as a spoiler alert, I'll give you the skeleton synopsis from the back cover.

the great mogul diamond

Everything was going so well for a change. . . . Sadie and Saskia Dopple, those troublesome twins, have been adopted by their loyal friend, the writer Muzz Elliott. And their friend Erik Morrissey Ganger is finally on his way to becoming a full-fledged detective. But when an anonymous note threatening Muzz Elliott arrives, the twins suddenly find themselves on an express train to danger. Awhirl in a series of crimes stolen right off the pages of Muzz Elliott’s own mystery novels, the twins need to figure out who’s behind this twisted plot, or Muzz Elliott will be framed for her own greatest literary invention: the theft of the Great Mogul Diamond.

I asked Joshua if he liked the book, and he answered with an emphatic, "Yes!"  He loved the adventure around every page.  The comic book like illustrations kept his attention and drew him into the story.  I wouldn't necessarily say that he's a lover of comic books, so I was surprised that this was a draw for him.  I love that, in the midst of all the adventure and crime solving fun, there's an important Godly lesson being taught.

The Giveaway

I've ended up with an extra copy of books one and two of the Dopple Ganger Chronicles, The First Escape and The Secret of Indigo Moon, so I want to offer them as a giveaway to you!  These books are geared toward ages 9-12, but of course anyone is welcome to enter.  Giveaway is open worldwide and ends October 6th at 9 PM CST when random number generator will choose one winner!


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You can read my review of Secret of Indigo Moon here.  Also, don't forget to enter the giveaway for Father [& Mother] by Taylor Maxwell!  That giveaway ends tonight!

Disclosure: I received The Great Mogul Diamond for free from Tyndale House in exchange for my honest review.  All opinions are my own.  The hosting of this giveaway is not sponsored by Tyndale House.

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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

beauty beneath the cracks

beauty beneath the cracks

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

fall portrait pricing

Fall is here which means it's the perfect time to get those family and senior portraits done!  My absolute favorite thing about photography is being able to tell a story visually.  We all have a story that makes up who we are as individuals and families.  My desire is to document that story for you!  Below are my fall portrait prices.

fall portraits

Email me for more info and to book your session today!

Update : Prices include one 8X10 of your choice with each package.

Monday, September 26, 2011

teeny downtown plano

park bench

Last week I went out just for the pure pleasure of taking photos.  I went to downtown Plano and got about 20 minutes in before it started raining (I'm not complaining...we really need rain.)  Right by downtown there's a beautiful park with a red train! 

downtown buildings

I was excited to try out a new PS action that I had downloaded (thanks, Tinajo).  I ran the Teeny Tiny World action from CoffeeShop Blog on these photos.  It creates such a fun effect!

park entrance

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Sunday, September 25, 2011

taco chicken bowls

taco chicken bowl

I knew this recipe would be easy.  You throw a bunch of great ingredients into a crock pot and let it cook all day.  Easy!  I had no idea how tasty it would be, though.  These taco chicken bowls from Budget Bytes are amazing.  A beautiful blend of corn, black beans, chicken, cheese, spices, and salsa all served over a bed of rice...

Saturday, September 24, 2011

hanging out at chuck e. cheese

Last Saturday we took the kids to Chuck E. Cheese.  They were curious as to why they got this special treat.  Upcoming birthdays?  What was it?  The truth was I had a Guest Pass which entitled us to a large pizza, 4 drinks, and 30 tokens.  Some friends came with us and we had such a great time!

joshua loves playing games

he decided to save his winnings for bigger prizes
lots of tickets

riding the virtual roller coaster
it's funny

fun @ chuck e. cheese

The girls sat in this ride for quite a while.  It was hilarious to watch their faces change on this virtual roller coaster.  Their expressions ranged from fear to laughter to surprise.  Sounds like a roller coaster, doesn't it?  You can read my full review of our time at Chuck E. Cheese on Today's Mama.

Friday, September 23, 2011

family series photos

A few weeks ago, I was asked to take some photos for a series at church titled Family Dynamics.  This was the first time the church used photography to illustrate a series, and I couldn't have felt more honored that they asked me to do it.  The series started this past Sunday, so now I can reveal my project! Below are the three photos they chose to hang at the front. 

holding finger

pile of hands


I had these printed at Costco, sized 20X30 and then mounted on foam board.  I couldn't be happier at how they look up on the stage!  I am so thankful for opportunities like these to get out there and be creative snapping photos.  It's so incredibly life giving!

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Thursday, September 22, 2011

father [& mother] by taylor maxwell {giveaway}

I couldn't be more excited to bring you this awesome giveaway of Father [& Mother] by Taylor Maxwell!  I first met Taylor and his beautiful wife, Brittany, when they came over to S. Africa in 2007.  We always looked forward to their visits every year when they would bring a team and build a home for orphans.  Taylor has just released a collection of songs titled Father [& Mother], and it's fantastic!  It's one of those albums that you find yourself playing over and over.  As you listen to Taylor's strong voice and the depth of his lyrics, there's a longing to sit and chat with him and hear the story behind each song.  Click here to listen to Father [& Mother] on Bandcamp and you'll see what I mean!

taylor headshot

What inspired you to become a musician?

I have always had this desire to embrace hard things in life creatively, 
and the best way I know how to do that is through music. Music has always found a way in for me and helped me process my life. It always compels me to dream a bit higher and love a bit deeper. I figured I would try my hand at opening that door for others to walk through as well.

What inspired you to put together the collection of songs for Father [& Mother]? 
I felt like it was time for me to put my self out there in a different way than I ever had before. A way that was more honest than I have before. In the past, songs have sort of been an agenda, or forced a bit. This time I just took songs from different points of my life and let them grow within the context of the studio with the other guys in there recording. There is a personal theme of sonship and parenthood that sort of inspired a lot of these songs... Sometimes I'm reaching out for advice, sometimes I am giving it. 

taylor playing a gig

    What's your favorite part about writing and playing music?

    The best part about writing and playing music is that I mostly get to experience it with other people I really care about. I can write about what matters to me, and I can flesh out songs through collaboration with other people. It's also pretty cool to see someone else's eyes light up when they hear something you have created, and you can tell they really went to that place themselves and discovered something new...

    The Details

    This giveaway is for one copy of Father [& Mother]!  Giveaway is open worldwide and ends September 29th at 9 PM CST when random number generator will choose one winner!

    father [& mother]


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    taylor maxwell on the web

    buy father [& mother] on itunes

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    buy father [& mother] stickers, t-shirts, & cd's

    Taylor will be touring with Mike Murray in the Dallas area at the following venues...
    October 15 ~ Roots Coffeehouse in North Richland Hills, TX, 8-10 PM
    October 16 ~ White Rock Coffee in Dallas, TX
    October 19 ~ Opening Bell Coffee in Dallas, TX, 8 PM

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    Wednesday, September 21, 2011

    seeing creativity at nasher

    We kicked off our anniversary getaway by attending a lecture for the 360 Series at Nasher Sculpture Center.  Sculptor, Tony Cragg, shared his thoughts on creativity and art.

    boat sculpture

    admiring the sculpture

    glass sculpture

    blue sculpture

    As we walked through the museum after the lecture, I had a revelation of how far I've come with embracing creativity. I stood there admiring the intricate detail of his pieces, and I was fascinated.  Then I realized that there was a time when I would have looked at a tall red tower and said, "I don't get it.  What am I looking at?"  The fact is that I don't necessarily have to know what I'm looking at.  I love the vastness of creativity and the uniqueness it brings to all of us.

    yellow sculpture

    red tower

    plywood sculpture

    looking through

    We received free passes to attend the lecture.  You can read my post on Today's Mama here. 

    Be sure to enter here to win digital scrapbooking software from My Memories!

    Tuesday, September 20, 2011

    i heart faces {angelic}

    Photo Challenge ~ Touch of Sun

    Entering my angel into the I Heart Faces photo challenge.  I love glow above her head!



    exploring oxford

    These are the last set of photos from our fun time in England.  Oxford was our last stop before Heathrow airport.  It was such a fun place to explore!  After living in New Haven for several years, it was so fun to see Oxford University since Yale designed their look to resemble Oxford.  It was a beautiful town that felt so full of life.  I would love to go back someday!


    oxford building

    stained glass


    those clouds

    beautiful building

    red telephone booth

    oxford rendezvous

    streets of oxford


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